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Are you interested in Real Estate investment opportunities in Dallas?

The DFW Metroplex is one of the stronger, stable and more appealing real estate markets in the United States. It is also one of the more competitive markets. Learn how we can help you purchase properties for cash from our vast inventory of homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. is always looking for motivated investors looking for investment properties in DFW. Use the form below to contact us about your investment interests.  Or, call now to speak with a live person (214) 716-0525.  And, read below to learn more about investing in real estate alongside HomeVestors.  


Real Estate Investment Opportunities with HomeVestors


Whether you're just getting started in real estate investing, or you're an experienced investor looking to purchase additional properties, HomeVestors of America has some incredible bargains that may be exactly what you're looking for.

Also known as We Buy Ugly Houses, if you've been interested in real estate investing long, you may be familiar with our trademark slogan and the fact that we buy houses all across America. HomeVestors franchisees specialize in purchasing ugly homes in as is condition for a fast cash buyout. After we purchase homes, we renovate, repair, and update them so they're ready for sale or rent.

How We Can Work With You

Real estate investors work with HomeVestors in a number of ways. We have houses perfect for real estate investors seeking rental properties. We also have great deals on real estate investments that we haven't yet renovated or repaired and are looking to sell well below market value.


We can buy your excess inventory of real estate investing properties for cash as well. Whether you're interested in purchasing a fixer upper, a rental property, or you have an investment you'd like to sell, HomeVestors should be your first call.

Real Estate Investments - Fixer Upper Properties

We're well known for purchasing older homes, especially those that are structurally sound but are in need of an update that the owners are unable or unwilling to do. HomeVestors purchases so many houses that we can't always get to rehabbing them in a timely manner. That's why we flip some of these houses at below market value to investors looking for fixer upper homes which they can repair, renovate and update themselves.


If you've been in real estate investing for long you know that finding the right property is a time consuming process. When you work with a local HomeVestors franchisee, you're working with someone who has already done a lot of the most time consuming work for you - finding quality investment properties.


HomeVestors franchisees can evaluate homes for their potential, purchase them below market value, and even resell them to you at prices that still allow you plenty of profit room for renovations. Time is money, so why not make money on your real estate investments instead of driving around town searching for them?

Real Estate Investments - Rental Properties

For real estate investing properties that provide you with monthly income, consider purchasing fully renovated homes from HomeVestors to rent out. Since we buy homes well below market value and renovate them, we still have plenty of room price-wise to sell to you at a low price that will allow you to quickly build an inventory of rental properties.

We'll Buy Your Real Estate Investments

Have investment property that hasn't worked out quite like you had hoped? Are you looking to sell? HomeVestors franchisees will buy your real estate investing properties as is for a fair cash price. We can close typically in less than a week so you can get out of your problematic real estate investments quickly.

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When you're interested in real estate investing, HomeVestors makes it easy. Search for real estate investing properties below, or contact HomeVestors at (214) 716-0525 or through our website form for more information on how we can help you succeed at real estate investing.